Open Surgery using a mesh

Despite technological progress, it is often necessary to treat hernia with open surgery. Below you'll find 2 methods for treating inguinal hernia, named after its developers.


The open hernia repair surgery with the PerFix Plug was introduced at the beginning of the eighties by I. Rutkow from New Jersey. It has become the most common surgical procedure in the U.S. Through a small incision in the abdomen, any part of the bowel that may have bulged through the abdominal wall is pushed back into the abdominal cavity. A small cone-shaped mesh is inserted into the cavity and attached with a few stitches. A second flat mesh is positioned on top and the wound is sealed layer by layer.

Lichtenstein procedure

An incision is made to identify and remove the hernia sac. The cavity is narrowed and a special, partly dissolving synthetic mesh is stitched over the cavity and under the protective layer of the muscles. It is sized to cover other potential weaknesses in this area as well.
This proven, standardized procedure is safe and effective and was the world's most commonly used procedure in the last few years. It is used by us in the case of very large or recurring hernias.

Both techniques can be used in combination with spinal or local anaesthesia.