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Our website does not only provide an overview about the topic hernia, an abnormal bulge created by a weakness or hole, usually in the abdominal wall, but links you to our hernia experts should you have further questions. You may also find further information here: HERNIAMED.

We are specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of this frequently occurring disease. We provide competent advise and offer you an individual therapy, tailored to your needs.

A well trained, highly motivated and friendly team of surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff is at your service.

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Dr. med. Dipl. Oek. Enrico Poeschmann
Head of the Herniacenter Switzerland


Guidelines for the operative treatment of Hernias

An international working group of 50 hernia experts called ‘HerniaSurge’ developed the first international guidelines for groin hernia management. All experts have extensive clinical and scientific experience in hernia management. 

Click here to read the guidelines.


We examine you at the following locations:
Diesldorf ZH @ADUS Klinik
Pfäffikon SZ @Abdomed
Thalwil ZH @Seechirurgie / Hauptstandort Hernienzentrum
Schaffhausen SH @BelSurg

We operate outpatient and inpatient at the following partner clinics:
•  Adus Klinik Dielsdorf www.adus-klinik.ch
•  Klinik Pyramide Zürich www.pyramide.ch
•  Limmatklinik Zürich www.limmatklinik.ch
•  Paracelsus-Spital Richterswil www.paracelsus-spital.com
•  Privatklinik Bethanien Zürich www.klinikbethanien.ch
•  Privatklinik Belair Schaffhausen www.belair.ch
•  See-Spital Horgen www.see-spital.ch
•  See-Spital Kilchberg www.see-spital.ch
•  Spital Einsiedeln www.spital-einsiedeln.ch/home
•  Spital Lachen www.spital-lachen.ch